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Ottawa Citizen: 2004


In 2004 Jennifer Caughill, B.Ed., M.Sc., B.PHE., owner of Winners Day Camps, celebrates thirteen years of running Ottawa area camps. Caughill is proud to announce her newest camp location in picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake. “We will continue offering our quality program in the West end of Ottawa and our Corporate Employee Program at Nortel Networks in Ottawa and are also excited about expanding to Niagara-on-the-Lake to begin a partnership with Vintage Inns”, Caughill says. “There is a real demand for quality camp programs for families attending resorts and we are working with Vintage Inns to set up a program that works for tourists and staff alike. Families will be able to attend Vintage Inns hotels in Niagara and parents can enjoy bike tours of wine country knowing their children are having the time of their life at a quality Winners Day Camps program. Everybody wins!” At all locations Caughill will maintain her practice of hiring fully certified teachers as counselors. “Teachers use their professional qualifications to focus on our core concepts of teaching children to work well with others, building self esteem and having fun. The small staff to camper ratio provides each camper with plenty of positive attention.”

Caughill’s camp philosophy allows campers to "be themselves", work together toward common goals and help each other succeed. Caughill believes that to boost children's self esteem, we must help them find and develop talent in themselves. By providing children with positive reinforcement, they will feel better about themselves. Further, by helping children look for "highlights" or "positive things in their day", Winners has taught over 6000 campers to appreciate the good things in life.

At Winners Day Camps, both cooperative and competitive games are geared toward “playing for fun”, creating a positive play experience for everyone involved. Cooperative Games allow campers to participate in many exciting activities where everyone wins, everyone works together and nobody sits out. Campers also have the option of participating in arts and crafts, drama, water fun, musical experiences and much, much more. Winners Day Camp is definitely a life enhancing experience! Highly qualified staff teach children the fundamental sport psychology skills of positive thinking, visualization and goal setting, for application to sport and life. Winners’ Camps focus on fun!