From parents:

Angela, Even though I knew in my heart that “Winners Day Camps” would be the best positive thing in Abbie’s weekday life, I will admit I was extremely nervous dropping her off yesterday. My nervousness all changed shortly after 4pm when Abbie couldn’t wait to tell me all about her day at Summer Camp. The excitement in our little girls voice, her big smiles and hearty laugh was great to see. She was exploding inside with so many positive feelings; ones that children her age should experience and for this, we are extremely grateful to you and your team. Due to a negative situation she has encountered over the past little while it was so great to see on the 1st day of Winners Camp that ‘our daughter is home’. Yes we realize we have to take baby steps but yesterday, we will never be able to tell you how much we have been blessed to see these smiles appear on a consistent basis. We look forward in the days to come as we know that Winners Day Camp is going to have a huge positive impact in the recovery of Abbie’s journey.

Angela & Jason

PS – As you know, she informed Jason that he was too early yesterday but she also asked us last night “Can Angela be my teacher at my new school in September?” I explained how you couldn’t so then she asked “Well, can she at least be my music teacher”. A warm fuzzy! :-)

Hi Angela!!

I just wanted to follow up with you by saying that Jennifer and William had a GREAT time at Winners Camp. They had so much to tell me about and they want to return next year! Thank you for doing such a great job and giving me peace of mind. Having Winners Camp as a safe, happy and educational place for the children to attend while I am at work is very important to me. Have a great Summer and we will see you next year!! When is the earliest that I can register the children for next Summer?!! Do you have March Break camps??

Thank you, Julie

I want to thank you for giving Nathan and Noah a very fun 2 weeks of camp. Nathan is still talking about it, and he wonders if you will be his teacher for this school year!! We will definitely sign them up again for next summer.


My 6-year old son LOVED Winners so much he didn't want to go to back to his other summer camp. The amazing and qualified staff keep the kids busy with games and activities so they are never bored. I really noticed his wonderful attitude all summer and attributed it to the quality programming that Winners offers. I just wish there was a Winners school year-round! The end of summer performances were really heartfelt and fun. In all, this is a quality summer camp and we're looking forward to next year. Thank you Winners daycamp!


I am so pleased at how much both [girls] have grown and become more expressive while attending Winners Day Camp- it is a testament to how well you and your team run it. For this I am very grateful. Both girls thoroughly enjoyed the camp, games, outings, and the camp leaders. Well done! Thank you again for all of your wonderful leadership. -Magali

Dear Angela, PJ and Jess,

Thank you so much for providing a super-fin camp experience for Christopher. We know he's been in very good hands this past week and we appreciate all you do for the kids. Sincerely, -Catherine, Brian and Christopher

Ben really enjoyed all his weeks at camp. Thank you for organizing some great activities. -Megan

Tristan had a wonderful time the 2 weeks he was there - it really was a fantastic camp!! Thank-you and congratulations :) -Beth

Hi Angela.

Griffyn is really enjoying Winners and he is such a pleasure to be around these days! I think it was good for him to get a break from his buddies and less structured 'daycare' and move toward all your fun games. -Susan

Seamus really enjoyed camp last week (and this week!). We are impressed so far. He's only ever attended a few city camps in the past, and he never asked to go back! Winners is a hit!! It's great for us that you're so close! I am sure we will be coming back for many summers to come!! Thank you so much!


From campers:

Winners Day Camps is a Super Terrific Wow day camp that I would give 5 stars to. It's awesome because they do a variety of activities and games everyday! Like the Splash Pad, Park, Scavenger Hunts and more! They have different days like Mini Olympics day, Water Fun day (etc). They have such friendly counsellors and will promise you to have fun - LOTS OF FUN!!


Thank you Angela. This was one of the best camps in Ottawa for me.


Thanks for 6 weeks and 1 day of fun. The crafts were fun and the games and the show were awesome!!!!

-Laura and Daniel

Thank you so much for the wonderful time you've given to all of us campers. This is a card to show how much we have enjoyed it. Thank you Angela, PJ and Jess.