Winners Day Camps gives children the opportunity to play cooperative games and sports with an emphasis on fun, participation and enhancing self esteem.

This exciting children's day camp program, which includes various life skill activities and games, is run by highly qualified teachers and is offered in the Ottawa and Niagara regions.

Throughout the day, campers participate in cooperative games, sports and many other exciting activities.

Cooperative Games
Nurturing cooperation, promoting life skills and building self esteem are the goals of the cooperative games component of Winners Day Camps.

Winners Day Camps campers enjoy participating in active cooperative games including parachute games, arts and crafts, drama, water fun, relaxation, and much, much more. In a fun, creative and non-competitive environment, children develop their ability to work well with others, pursue goals, think positively, have fun, and much, much more!

Campers enjoy sports in an active, positive and upbeat atmosphere. Highly-qualified staff teach children the fundamental sport pyschology skills of positive thinking, visualization, and goal setting, for application to sport and life. Campers are given the opportunity to participate in soccer, basketball, dodgeball, floor hockey, and much more.