Winners Day Camps offers 1-week sessions for boys and girls ages 3 to 12. The sessions take place during March Break and 9 weeks in the summertime. Campers may enroll for as few as 1 or as many as 9 weeks.

They are divided into groups (boys and girls together) according to age and participate in daily activities with those groups.

At Winners Day Camps we're all about having fun, whatever age group you belong to!

Campers may choose from many exciting activities including:

Cooperative Games
These games are non-competitive and are designed to focus on fun, participation by all and working together. They include: Parachute Games, Octopus, Tag Games, Kick The Can, Capture the Flag, Fish Gobbler, Stone Baseball and much, much more!

In a fun and highly active environment, children receive basic skill instruction and take part in a variety of sports. Children are also taught the fundamentals of sport psychology such as positive thinking, focusing and goal setting. Sports include: Soccer, Basketball, Dodge Ball, Floor Hockey, Soccer-Baseball and much more!

In the afternoons at Winners Day Camps, campers choose from a wide variety of “Stations” including: Water Fun, Arts & Crafts, Sports, Mini Olympics, Drama, Theme Days and more!

Activities vary depending on age group. For example, the TOTS (ages 3 - 5) participate in age appropriate activities. Tots enjoy circle time, sing songs, stories and free play as well as instruction in cooperative games, sports, arts and crafts, drama, and water fun.