General Camp Activities
Cooperative games & sports Stations (arts & crafts, drama, games)
Tuesday Cooperative games & sports Stations (arts & crafts, drama, games)
Wednesday Stations (arts & crafts, drama, games) Water Fun at Westcliffe Estates Splash Pad
Thursday Theme day activities Movie
Friday Cooperative games & sports + mini-olympics! Super Soaker activities

A Typical Day
8:00 am
Pre Camp (optional)
Water fun!
9:00 am
Combined age group game to start the day
9:15 am
Theme of the Day
9:20 am
Activity Period (Sports/Cooperative Games)
10:15 am
Snack Time and Free Play on Play Structure or outside
10:30 am
Activity Period (Sports/Cooperative Games)
11:55 am
Relaxation Time
12:00 pm
Lunch time
12:20 pm
Free Play Arts and Crafts!
1:00 pm
Stations (Drama/Arts & Crafts/Games)
3:00 pm
Snack Time
3:15 pm
Group Game (Capture the Flag/Kick the Can/Octopus)
3:45 pm
Tidy up & Sing Song
4:00 pm
Pick Up. Post Camp begins (optional)
5:00 pm
Pick Up from Post Camp

Campers may register for a full or half day program and may wish to keep this information in mind when making registration decisions. Campers enrolled in the half day program may register for AM or PM or alternate AM and PM depending on desired activities. We aim for three craft sessions per week.